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Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Latinamerica

The IEEE PES Conference on Innovative SMART GRID Technologies (ISGT-LA 2015) Latin American , sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and hosted by IEEE URUGUAY SECTION and PES local CHAPTER, the third in Latin America, will be held on OCT 5, 6 and 7th, 2015. The Conference, declared of tourist interest by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, will be a forum for the participants to discuss state-of-the-art innovations in Smart Grid technologies, to attend tutorials, oral/poster paper presentations and Industry Panels.


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Welcome Reception: Monday 5th, 19:00, Hotel 2nd Level
Gala Dinner: Tuesday 6th, 20:00, Hotel 2nd Level

ISGT's Conference Series History

In 2010, the IEEE Power & Energy Society launched a new conference called Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) with a first meeting in January at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Conference Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. The unqualified success of the first conference and numerous requests for more inspired PES to establish ISGT as a Conference Series, and to broaden the scope of the conference to include annual offerings in the USA, and international installations which have included ISGT Conferences in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Target audience are researchers, innovators, decision-makers, regulators, investors, experts and suppliers of solutions from the industry in all Smart Grids related work and study fields.

ISGT world previous conferences

  • ISGT Asia 2015, November 4-5, Bangkok (www.ieee-isgt-asia-2015.org/home/)
  • ISGT-LA 2015, October 5-7, Montevideo, Uruguay (http://isgtla.org)
  • ISGT 2015, February 17-20, Washington DC, USA (ieee-isgt.org/)
  • ISGT Europe 2014, October 12-15, Istanbul (www.ieee-isgt-eu.org/)
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  • ISGT Europe 2013, October 6-9, Copenhagen, Denmark (www.ieee-isgt-2013.eu/)
  • ISGT-LA 2013, April 15-17, Sao Paulo, Brazil (itarget.com.br/newclients/ieee/)
  • ISGT 2013, February 24-27, Washington DC, USA (sites.ieee.org/isgt/2013-conference/)
  • ISGT Europe 2012, October 14-17, Berlin, Germany (www.ieee-isgt-2012.eu/)
  • ISGT Asia 2012, May 21-24, Tianjin, China
  • ISGT 2012, January 16-20, Washington DC, USA (ewh.ieee.org/conf/isgt/2012)
  • ISGT Middle East 2011, December 17-20, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • ISGT Australia 2011, November 13-16, Perth, Australia
  • ISGT-LA 2011, October 19-21, Medellin, Colombia (www.ieee-isgtla.org/)
  • ISGT Europe 2011, October 10-13, Manchester, UK
  • ISGT 2011, January 17-19, Anaheim, California, USA
  • ISGT Europe 2010, October 10-13, Gothenburg
  • ISGT 2010, January 19-21, Gaithersburg, Maryland, US

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Keynote Speakers

Miroslav Begovic, Texas A&M University - PES President:
"Smart Grids and Solar Energy"

Wanda Reder, VP - S&C Electric Company, USA:
"Changing the Conversation of Grid Modernization with Energy Storage"

Luis Ochoa - Univ. of Manchester, UK:
"Making our Distribution Smarter and Low Carbon: A UK Perspective"

NOTE: John McDonald regretts not to be able to participate because he had to have unanticipated surgery that prevents him from traveling for at least four weeks.The conference organizers thank John McDonald for his goodwill and wish him a safe recovery.

Platinum Patrons

UTE ENEL huawei

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Ingener Controles Salto Grande inco STILER Coasin Siemens

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Conference E-mail: chairs@isgtla.org

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