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The IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT-LA 2015) Latin American, sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and hosted by IEEE URUGUAY SECTION and PES local CHAPTER, will be held on OCT 5, 6 and 7th, 2015. The Conference will be a forum for the participants to discuss state-of-the-art innovations in Smart Grid technologies, to attend tutorials and Industry Panels.

Potential authors are invited to contribute submitting a 3 to 4 pages EXTENDED ABSTRACT (IEEE PES pg4 template) to EDAS sever. At least one of the authors of an accepted paper must register (fully) and physically attend the Conference for its oral/poster presentation, inclusion in the Proceedings. Approved and showed papers in english, will be submitted to IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.




ISGT-LA 2011 was hosted by Medellin Colombia: www.ieee-isgtla.org

isgtla 2011 Colombia

ISGT-LA 2013 was hosted by Sao Paulo Brasil: itarget.com.br/newclients/ieee

isgtla 2013 Brasil

Conference TOPICS

- Renewable Energy Integration and Storage

Renewable Energy Sources Integration and Smart Grid (Hydro, Tidal, Wind, Solar), Electric Vehicles, Storage technologies, Wind Integration, resources forecast (water, wind, weather), Environmental Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation

- Energy and Distribution Management Systems

Energy and Distribution Management Systems, Wide Area Monitoring, Control and Operation (SCADA Systems), Call Center solutions for Smart Grid

- Demand Management; Demand Response

Demand Management through Smart Grid technology, Demand Response, Customer aspects, user behavior and Flexible Demand

- Renewable Energy Integration and Storage

Renewable Energy Sources Integration and Smart Grid (Hydro, Tidal, Wind, Solar), Electric Vehicles, Storage technologies, Wind Integration, resources forecast (water, wind, weather), Environmental Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation

- Demand Side Management; Smart Buildings and Home Automation

Demand Side Management; Smart Buildings, Home Automation, Cross Energy-domain solutions, Smart Sensors, Convergence of Smart Grid and the Internet of Things

- Distributed Energy Resources - MICROGRIDS

Integration of (DER) Distributed Energy Resources, Distributed Generation Islanded Systems and Microgrids: operation, control, monitoring and technologies, Low-voltage direct current (LVDC) distribution networks

- Impact on Electric Power Systems and Stability

Smart Grid Impact on Electric Power Systems (Generation, Transmission and Distribution), Grid modeling, real time and co-simulation, Stability of smart grid operation, Realiability

- Computational methods and optimization techniques in Smart Grids

Computational methods and optimization techniques in Smart Grids; Big Data, Massive Grid Data, Data Mining of Smart Grid, Geographic information system (GIS) technology and Smart Grid, Multi-agent Based Applications for Smart Grids

- Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)

Smart Grids Information and communications technology (ICTs): Communications, System Architecture, Operations Support System (OSS), WANs and LANs Networks, 3G/4G networking. Control and Information Systems: Cyber Security Systems, Intelligent Monitoring and Outage Management

- Smart Grids Interoperability

Smart Grids Interoperability, Regulation and Policies, Codes, Standards, Public Policies for implementation of Smart Grids, Testing and certification

- Power System Instrumentation and Measurements

Power System Instrumentation and Measurements, Metering Infrastructure and Instrumentation, Smart Meters, Components Reliability and Diagnostics, System and Components Asset Management

- Power Quality and Efficiency

Power and Service Quality, Energy Efficiency, and Smart Grid, Harmonics and Losses in electrical power systems

- Power System Protection and Monitoring

Power System Protection and Monitoring, Protection in Energy Systems, PMUs and Wide Area Monitoring, IEC 61850, distributed IEDs, Synchrophasors in Distribution

- Smart Grid Projects, Tests, Experiences and Agenda

Smart Grid Projects, Field Tests, large-scale demonstrations and deployment experiences, Agenda, Future trends, Smart Grid Roadmaps, Smart Grid Infrastructure Investments,

- Smart Grids and Electricity Markets

Smart Grids and Electricity Markets, Economics and incentive Regulations for Smart Grids, Impact of Smart Grids in Regulation and Energy Pricing, Smart Grids and Sustainable Developement,

- Utility Assets and Power Electronics Converters

Utility Assets; Smart Grid Assets Management, Urban enviroment, self-healing techniques, underground grids, Smart Wires, GIS for Smart Grid, Substation Equipment and Smart Grids; Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Switches, Power Electronics Converters; modeling, application, control. FACTS

Notification of non-presented paper policy

IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, including IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, if the paper is not presented (oral or poster) by the author at the conference.

What are Smart Grids?

In few words; Smart Grid can be defined as the use of ICTs (information and communication technologies) in the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy.

Smart Grids are driving utilities, power industry and equipment suppliers through a massive business transformation, based on the digitization and the convergence of energy and information networks.