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Technical Tour

Our country Uruguay is improving its power generation matrix, with renewable resources (hydro, wind and PV) to target 100% renewable power in 2015.

Previous IEEE Uruguay organized conferences (IEEE PES T&DLA 2012 and IEEE IMS I2MTC 2014) Technical Tour was a journey to a wind farm in the morning and "Punta del Este" beach in the afternoon.

Parque Eólico (Wind Farm) Minas I - Web Page

Parque Eólico Minas I - Google Map Location

If you are interested in a one day Technical Tour (tipically from 08:00 to 20:00) on thursday OCTOBER 8, 2015 (Conference runs from OCT 5 to 7) please register early.

- Tour Date: October 8, 2015

- Tour Ticket price: $70 USD/person cash (early credit card payment, or cash at Welcome Desk with Aba travel agent)

- Registration/payment: Mandatory

- Registration Window: Today until OCT 6-2015, payment at Welcome Desk OCT 5-6 (No later registration will be fullfilled)

- Includes: transportation to and from the destination, does NOT includes lunch expenses

- Minimum number of passengers needed to fulfill the tour: 10 people (if there are fewer than 10 attendees, the tour will be cancelled)

- Companion/Guide: One Guide from the Bus, one companion form IEEE Uruguay

- Transportation: ABA Transportes Servicios Internacional,www.abatransportes.com.uy

- Early registration + Credit Card Payment: E-mail: reservas@abatransportes.com.uy until May 14, Phone: +598 99900880

- **Mention "IEEE Uruguay RADISSON HOTEL Conference**

Local tourism travel agent (ABA Transportes) will be at the Conference Welcome Desk OCT 6-7, for Recreational and Tehcnical Tours (also Shuttle to the Airport or anywhere) booking and payment (Credit Card or Cash).

Aba Transportes: www.abatransportes.com.uy
Quotations e-mail: consultas@abatransportes.com.uy (quotations / tariffs)
Booking / Reservations e-mail: reservas@abatransportes.com.uy (MENTION "IEEE Radisson Conference") or Phone: +598 2200 5176

ISGT-LA 2015 Technical Tour, OCT 8-2015

  • MORNING: Wind Farm Visit to "Minas - 42 MW Uruguay" owned by Akuo Energy,
  • 08:30 Meet at Radisson Hotel Hall

    09:00 Departure: Radisson Hotel, Plaza Independencia

    11:30 Arrival: "Parque Eólico Minas I" Wind Farm

    12:00 Tour: on the VANS and stop to watch the towers

    13:00 Departure: for Punta del Este

  • LUNCH: At the "Punta del Este" harbor Self-Service Restaurant (at your own expenses)
  • 14:00 Arrival: "Punta del Este" beach

    14:15 On your own for lunch / Free time at Gorlero Street

  • AFTERNOON: "Punta del Este" city/balneary/beach tour
  • 15:00 Join the Group at the sailing harbor

    15:15 Tour to the seaside and places (on the VAN)

    17:30 Departure: to Montevideo

    20:00 Arrival: to Radisson Hotel, Plaza Independencia

Akuo Energy

Previous conferences Technical Tour pictures

2014 Technical Tour imagen 2014 Technical Tour imagen

Info about Uruguay Power sector

Uruguay Energy Ministry Agency: Dirección Nacional de Energía – DNE

Power Sector Regulation Agency: ursea

Power Market : ADME

National Grid Utility (Generation, Transmission and Distribution): UTE

Private Generation Asociation: AUGPEE

National Biomass Generation Project: PROBIO

Wind Generation Project: Energía Eólica en Uruguay

Solar Generation Project: Energía Solar en Uruguay

Energy Efficiency Project: Eficiencia Energética en Uruguay