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Keynote Speakers

Miroslav Begovic, Texas A&M University - PES President, USA:
"Smart Grids and Solar Energy"

Miroslav Begovic is Carolyn S. & Tommie E. Lohman ‘59 Professor and Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University and Director, Divi-sion of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M Engineer-ing Experiment Station (TEES).

Wanda Reder, VP - S&C Electric Company, USA:
"Changing the Conversation of Grid Modernization with Energy Storage"

The electric grid is undergoing significant transformation from the introduction of digital technologies, policies encouraging the growth of renewable and distributed energy resources, and increasing engagement of electricity customers and businesses in both managing and producing energy. This presentation discusses a vision for the grid of the future, while especially highlighting the opportunities for energy storage and the challenges that remain.

Wanda Reder is the Chief Strategy Officer at S&C Electric Company, providing preeminent solutions for protecting, switching and controlling medium voltage electrical infrastructure. Prior to S&C, Wanda held numerous leadership positions in electric utilities such as Exelon and Northern States Power (now Xcel) having responsibility for asset investment strategy, planning, engineering, unregulated business start-ups, and more.

Luis Ochoa - Univ. of Manchester, UK:
"Making our Distribution Smarter and Low Carbon: A UK Perspective"

This keynote address will introduce the potential impacts of high penetrations of low carbon technologies on distribution networks as well as future solutions that might allow deferring the need of traditional reinforcements. Different smart grid projects carried out in the UK will be discussed so as to provide insights on medium and low voltage networks as well as the trialled technologies.

Dr Luis(Nando) Ochoa is Senior Lecturer in Smart Distribution Networks at The University of Manchester, UK. His expertise in network integration of low carbon technologies has led to 100+ publications, 40+ technical reports, and one patent filed by Psymetrix Ltd.

NOTE: John McDonald regretts not to be able to participate because he had to have unanticipated surgery that prevents him from traveling for at least four weeks.The conference organizers thank John McDonald for his goodwill and wish him a safe recovery.